Elmwood Junior Giants 1957–1961

The Elmwood Giants Junior Baseball Club was one of the dominant teams of the 50’s. They won Championships in every 5 year span.

The 1957-61 group appeared in five consecutive junior finals winning three championships. In 1957 they lost a best of seven final in the last game to the Colombus Club. In 1958 and 1959 they defeated CUAC and lost in the final to Columbus Club in 1960.

They defeated Isaac Brock in the 1961 Junior final. Over this period they also joined with the Elmwood Seniors to win numerous tournaments.They often had to enter under a false name such as Rathwell, to be accepted into tournaments.

The nucleus of this team was a part of a great minor program in the early 1950’s that included two bantam, two midget and two juvenile Provincial Championships.

Key players such as Ken Tresoor, Ray Hoskins, Clint Hoskins, Norm Rogoski and Ken Ingram played key roles in their championship years. During this time, the teams were coached by Bob Smith, Al Tresoor, Bob Reid, Mike Wachnuk, Ray Hoskins, Dennis Halford and George Dillbury as Manager.

Vita Cubs 1955–1960

Prior to 1955, during and after this six period, the Cubs played extensively in tournament baseball and enjoyed considerable success. In 1955, the Cubs joined the States Dominion League and were Champions of the League, which consisted of Dominion City, Grunthal, Tolstoi, Woodmore, Rosa, Ridgeville And St. Pierre.

In the following year, they were pennant winners in the same League. In 1957, they joined the NW States League, then in 1958 the Cubs joined the new South East Border League, won the pennant, but lost to Grunthal in the finals.

In 1959, they won the League Championship and in 1960, they lost to Tolstoi in the League Finals.

Waskada Orioles 1971–1976

The Waskada Orioles won the South West League crown in 1971, ’73, ’75, and ’76. They were perennial provincial and Western Canada Senior AA contenders.

The team won silver medals in 1979 and Lloydminister, and bronze medals at the 1976 Manitoba Games in Neepawa.

The Orioles won many tournaments in Southwest Manitoba, in Saskatchewan at Redvers, Alida Storthoakes, Wawota and in Lansford, North Dakota.

Morden Mohawks 1987–1992

The Mohawks entered the Border League in 1970. The League consisted of teams from Pilot Mound, Crystal City, Clearwater, Mather, Cartwright, Snowflake, Manitou, Kaleda, Winkler, and the Dogers and Mohawks from Morden.

The Mohawks were League Champions in 5 out of 6 years and finalists in 1989. The team was lead by DOug Hamm and Darrell McElroy and coached by Joe Wiwchar.

The team represented the Border League in the 5 years they were League Champions in the Provincial AA Championships. The team also participated in many tournaments at towns within the League.

Barry Wowk

Barry Wowk played with Angusville Cardinals from 1974-83, Souris Cardinals in 1984 and 86, and the Brandon Cloverleafs from 1987-91. Barry served as coach/manager for the following Team Manitoba teams: in the Western Canadian’s at Brandon in 1991, Kamloops in 1992 and Red Deer in 1994. Barry served as President of the M.S.B.L. from 1997 to the present and was selected to the M.S.B.L. Honour Society in 1999 and the MBA Honour Society in 2002. Barry was a player/manager of the Simplot Millenium Baseball Park in 2000-01 and continues to be a very active baseball catcher for various Canadian and U.S. teams in competitions in Arizona, Florida, and Puerto Rico.