The Board of Directors come from many Manitoba communities, such as Brandon, Winnipeg,  Souris, Carberry, Morden, Neepawa, Dauphin, Oak Lake, Winkler, Dugald, and Hamiota. Members (20) are elected each year at the annual meeting, while two are appointed by Baseball Manitoba.

Some of their responsibilities include

  • Selecting the inductees
  • Arranging for and overseeing the induction banquet
  • Producing and distributing an annual calendar
  • Providing operating funds for the museum
  • Distributing a newsletter

There is also a local museum subcommittee from Morden; ten elected, two from the Board and the Museum Administrative Manager.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Raising funds
  • Helping with the banquet
  • Supplying a float for the Corn & Apple festival
  • Overseeing the everyday operation of the museum

Board of Directors

Name Role Hometown Home Phone Cell Phone Email
NameMorris Mott rolePast Chairman LocationBrandon, MB Home Phone204-726-5167 Cell Phone204-441-5582 Email Address email
NameDan Giesbrecht roleChairman LocationWinkler, MB Home Phone204-822-4989 Cell Phone204-332-1100 Email Address email
NameDon Schmall roleSecretary LocationNeepawa MB Home Phone Cell Phone204-476-2345 Email Address email
NameAl Kinley role LocationWinnipeg, MB Home Phone204-338-9603 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameGerald Palidwor role LocationDugald, MB Home Phone Cell Phone204-995-8227 Email Address email
NameBill Kirkup role LocationSouris, MB Home Phone204-483-3116 Cell Phone204 483-2149 Email Address email
NameRoss Tycoles role LocationReston, MB Home Phone204-877-3614 Cell Phone204 851-0755 Email Address email
NameKevin Booker role LocationWinnipeg, MB Home Phone Cell Phone204-799-4294 Email Address email
NameMlke Krykewich role LocationWinnipeg Home Phone204-230-1725 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameScott Neiles role LocationWinnipeg, MB Home Phone204-415-0493 Cell Phone204-981-9802 Email Address email
NamePatti Hacault roleBBMB Rep LocationHolland MB Home Phone204 526-2046 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameMike Labossiere role LocationBrandon, MB Home Phone204-726-1710 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameWinston Smith roleBB MB Rep LocationWinnipeg, MB Home Phone204-488-0765 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameHank Lemoine role LocationWinnipeg, MB Home Phone204-254-2439 Cell Phone204 2919590 Email Address email
NameMurray Zuk role LocationSouris, MB Home Phone204-483-2687 Cell Phone204-483-0020 Email Address email
NameMorgan DePena roleVice - Chairman LocationWinnipeg, MB Home Phone204 896-3696 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameJosh Ginter roleTreasurer LocationMorden, MB Home Phone Cell Phone204-384-6205 Email Address email
NameLane Curry role LocationMorden, MB Home Phone204-822-8067 Cell Phone204-332-2391 Email Address email

Morden Subcommittee

Name Role Home Phone Cell Phone Email
NameLane Curry RoleChairperson Home Phone204-822-8067 Cell Phone2043322391 Email Address email
NameSteve Sager RoleSecretary Home Phone204-8223756 Cell Phone204-3621248 Email Address email
NameKevin Krueger Role Home Phone204-822-48011 Cell Phone204-3120325 Email Address email
NameDan Giesbrecht RoleBoard Rep Home Phone204-8224989 Cell Phone204-3321100 Email Address email
NameDoug Hamm Role Home Phone204-8226745 Cell Phone204-8231307 Email Address email
NameJim Wood Role Home Phone204-8225474 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameRob Reimer Role Home Phone204-8221308 Cell Phone204-3321342 Email Address email
NameGarney Edwards Role Home Phone204-8223468 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameMark Thiessen Role Home Phone204-8225945 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameDarryl Wooley Role Home Phone204-8226649 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameJim Mutcheson RoleAdministrative Manager Home Phone204-822-4636 Cell Phone204-801-3104 Email Address email
NameJim Hunt Role Home Phone204-8334243 Cell Phone Email Address email
NameChris Moffatt Role Home Phone204-823-2187 Cell Phone Email Address email