• HometownVita, MB
  • Inducted2008

Prior to 1955, during and after this six period, the Cubs played extensively in tournament baseball and enjoyed considerable success. In 1955, the Cubs joined the States Dominion League and were Champions of the League, which consisted of Dominion City, Grunthal, Tolstoi, Woodmore, Rosa, Ridgeville And St. Pierre.

In the following year, they were pennant winners in the same League. In 1957, they joined the NW States League, then in 1958 the Cubs joined the new South East Border League, won the pennant, but lost to Grunthal in the finals.

In 1959, they won the League Championship and in 1960, they lost to Tolstoi in the League Finals.


Inserts (L-R): George Eliuk, John Korchak, Ray Van Kooten, Paul Kraynyk, Victor Bosyk, Michael Zushman, Eugene Kruk, Eugene Bodnarchuk (coach), Bill Fosty, Steve Domitruk, Robert Muzyka, Bobby Bordun, Eugene Smook, John Storozuk, Lawrence Zaporozan

Back Row: Emile Picklyk, John Cesmystruk, Morris Cesmystruk, Lawrence Pachniosky, John Kalenchuk, Bill Andreychuk, Wally Tostowaryk, Eugene Podolsky (manager)

Front Row: Maurice Rybuck, Stanley Pachnowsky, Florian Pachniosky, Alex Derewianchuk, John Chobotar, Peter Derewianchuk, Steve Derewianchuk, Rudy Pankiewich Missing: Willie Domitruk, Bill Picklyk, Emil Stasiuk, Roman Stecky, Maurice Yaremchuk, Russel Zushman