Brandon Parklane Junior 1965–1967

The Brandon Parkland Juniors represented Manitoba in Junior Championships three consecutive years. They were finalists in 1965 and 1966 in the Western Canadian Championships. In 1967, the team won the Canadian Junior Championship in Saskatoon. During the championship, their record, included victories over Saskatchewan (WP-Russ Reid), Alberta (WP- Mark Fisher), Ontario (WP-Grant Everard, and Mel Smith three run HR) and North Battleford (WP- Mark Fisher). Tournament all-stars included outfielders Marv Robinson, Mel Smith, Bill Fariburn, and pitcher & MVP Mark Fisher. Nine players were three year members of the team

The Kaleida Ks 1974–1978

This team, comprised of players from the small village of Kaleida and surrounding area was formed to create an opportunity for local residents to play close to home as opposed to neighbouring towns. Previously in the 20’s & 40’s the community had a strong baseball team. An interesting fact is that during the 1974-78 period, they had no home diamond. They played their home games in Manitou. Kaleida was dominant during this era and were Border League Champions four out of five years (1974, 75, 76, 78) placing second the other year. In the 1978 season, this team won seven tournaments in southern Manitoba. In that year, they had someone named the 1st and 2nd league all-star team at nine positions. In this period, the team won 20 tournaments and played 220 games. At one time, the team included 5 Edward’s, 5 Clayton’s, 3-Pearce’s and 2- Seward’s.

McAuley Blazers 1973–1979

Led by Hall of Farmers Roy Cuthill (Manager), Dale Lowes (Catcher), Wayne Poole (First Base) and Sam Jamieson (Shortstop), McAuley had a .599 winning percentage in 21 years (1973-1993) in the Manitoba Senior Baseball League. Record held by the team included: 1975 least runs allowed in 21 game season (56), 1976 most games won by pennant winner (23) and most consecutive innings not scored on (42). The team finished first in their division in 1974, 75, and 76. In 1975, the players hosted three games in the Canadian Baseball champions and were runners up in 1976. In 1977, the players hosted three games in the Canadian Championships as well as the Korean touring team. The Blazers excelled in tournament baseball winning the Birtle (2), Belmont International (2), Kenosee (5) and St. Lazare (several) tournaments.

Bill Whitehead

Roland Minor Baseball in the mid 1960’s. 1970-75 Carman Goldeyes Junior team Centre fielder, winning several Provincial Junior Championships. 1976-1989 played centre field for the Goldeyes Senior team. Nicknamed Billy “White Shoes” or “Whitey” and was known for his gracefulness and made all the plays look easy. Perennial All Star out in centre field. Consistently among league leaders in batting average and home runs in the Redboine Senior Baseball League. Voted team MVP of Carman Goldeyes on numerous occasions. Played against touring national teams from Japan, Korea, and Canada’s national team. Played on the Manitoba Intermediate Border League Championship Team that gold in Alberta.


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Alex Turk

Member of 1924 Provincial Juvenile Champions Elmwood Giants. Catcher and Captain of the Provincial Champion Junior Giants in 1925 and 1927. 1927 team played undefeated baseball. Catcher for the Elks of the popular Winnipeg Wesley Senior League from 1928-1934. Provincial Champions 1928 and 1929. 1934-39 player/manager of the Norwood team in the Greater Winnipeg Senior League. After WWII Alex played a major role in the reforming of the Giants Organization, Serving as president for a number of years and was instrumental in getting the Giants Senior team into the Winnipeg Senior League in 1947, the Manitoba Senior League in 1949 and the Mandak League in 1950.


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