• HometownKaleida, MB
  • Inducted2011

This team, comprised of players from the small village of Kaleida and surrounding area was formed to create an opportunity for local residents to play close to home as opposed to neighbouring towns. Previously in the 20’s & 40’s the community had a strong baseball team. An interesting fact is that during the 1974-78 period, they had no home diamond. They played their home games in Manitou. Kaleida was dominant during this era and were Border League Champions four out of five years (1974, 75, 76, 78) placing second the other year. In the 1978 season, this team won seven tournaments in southern Manitoba. In that year, they had someone named the 1st and 2nd league all-star team at nine positions. In this period, the team won 20 tournaments and played 220 games. At one time, the team included 5 Edward’s, 5 Clayton’s, 3-Pearce’s and 2- Seward’s.


Gordie Clayto, Greg Clayton, Randy Clayton, St Clayton, Wilf Clayton, Dwight Crawford, Earl Edwards, Frank Edwards, Garnet Edwards, Jack Edwards, Reg Edwards, Jim Hunt, Edward Lumgair, Darren Maloney, Bob McElroy, Brian McElory, Darryl McElory, Dennis Pearce, Mel Pearce, Tom Pearce, Cliff Seward, Bob Seward, Jeff Ward, Lloyd Hemminger, Mel Johnston