• BirthplaceBrandon, MB
  • BornSeptember 6, 1930
  • Inducted 2001

Lloyd Brown started with Virden in the late 40s – in his first senior game he had three hits against the touring Muskogee Cardinals. Lloyd moved to Brandon and played for the Brandon Mental Hospital, Athletics, and the Cloverleafs. Brown helped the Cloverleafs win four CMBA titles, 1957-60. In the MSBL Lloyd hit .444 in 1961 and .414 in 1962, and was all-star second baseman. In 1970 Lloyd helped form the Westman Bison League, and then rejoined Cloverleafs in 1975. Lloyd served over ten years as the MSBL Director and three years(1985-88) as the league’s president. Lloyd Brown was inducted into MBA Honor Society in 1989.