• BirthplaceCarberry, MB
  • BornJuly 4, 1900
  • Inducted 2001

Harold Nelson was an outstanding pitcher from the 1920s. He was Carberry`s only pitcher in 1924 when the team won 25 straight games, then lost one, then won 11 more. Nelson struck out 18 in a 9 inning exhibition game against the Brandon Greys in 1925. In one tournament he pitched three 7 inning games and faced only 23 batters in each game. Harold was featured in Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” for striking out 80 batters in two consecutive days of tournament play. Due to farming pressures he declined an invitation to training camp of New York Giants. He was banned from pitching in a local league in 1926 and farmed until 1956, and then moved to Winnipeg.