• BirthplaceHamiota, MB
  • BornAugust 19, 1920
  • Inducted 2019

Harold “Chuck” Lindsay was unique in that he excelled as a pitcher in both baseball and softball. Prior to the Second World War, he pitched baseball for his hometown Hamiota, as well as for Reston, Virden, and Belleview. During the War, he pitched fastball for an excellent Hamiota team and then, after he enlisted, he threw for baseball and fastball teams in the places he was stationed, such as, Calgary, Alberta, or New Brunswick. In fact, in the Maritimes, Lindsay was the voted best pitcher to ever play both baseball and softball. After the War, he pitched baseball primarily, especially for Hamiota but also for tournament teams or a selected teams such as the one chosen for a Virden game against “Satchel” Paige and his Touring All Stars. His given name Harold was seldom used. Everyone knew him as the two-sport chucker, Chuck Lindsay.