• BirthplaceWinnipeg, MB
  • BornMarch 19, 1930
  • Inducted 2004

Eddie McDonald was an outstanding southpaw pitcher, outfielder, and hitter with West End Memorials juveniles from 1945-47, the Carman Cardinals pre Mandak team but mainly imports form 1948-49, Gilbert Plains Man-Sask. League form 1950-52, Grandview , Man.-Sask. League from 1953-60, the C.U.A.C. Blues, Winnipeg Senior and Fort Whyte tournament team from 1956-60, and he played for the Carman Cubs, who were the Winnipeg Senior League champions in 1963.McDonald possessed a great speed on the bases and in outfield, some of his home runs were tape measure jobs, and he struck out eighteen Rosedales in a nine inning 7-6 victory in 1947.