• BirthplaceSwan River, MB
  • BornJune 24, 1919
  • Inducted 1998

This great southpaw pitched with Minitonas, Bowsman, Valley A11 Stars, Winnipeg Maroons (1939). Fargo Moorhead Twins. was an air force mechanic during W.W.II. between ball games, excelled with Paulson #10 at Dauphin, #7 bombing and gunnary, #8 repair, at Winnipeg, Brandon, Rivers, Neepawa, Yorkton, Calgary, was a workhorse as he pitched 3 games at Carberry allowing 1 run on 8 hits, had a patented pick off move with 2B Williams at Paulson, after W.W.II, started team in Foxwarren and later moved to Giilbert Plains, outstanding trap shooter.