• BirthplaceSt. Boniface, MB
  • BornNovember 23, 1917
  • Inducted 2000

Harry Barchuk was involved as a player, coach, and manager from 1933-43 with Norwood and CUAC. In 1937 his pitching record was 23 wins, 3 losses. In 1940 he was pitcher and manager for Norwood`s champions of the city league. In 1942 he coached the CUAC Blues, who won city league championship and had a record of 24-8-1, one of the best in the league`s history. Barchuk also coached girl’s fastball. Barchuk quit baseball in 1949, saw more than 800 major league games, was in Candlestick Park, San Francisco on October 19, 1989 when a Big Earthquake struck.