• BirthplaceMcAuley, MB
  • BornDecember 10, 1947
  • Inducted 2003

Dale Lowes was a McAuley Blazers catcher with a great arm (threw out 17 straight base runners in M.S.B.L.). Dale hit two grand slams, back to back in Elphinstone on July 1 against Cypress River (8-0), M.S.B.L. champions in 65, 75, 87, and Manitoba champs 75 and 87. Dale Lowes was M.S.B.L. First all star team, 12 times and second all star team in 78. Dale won bronze medals in Canadian championships in 76 & 85. Dale had good speed, was a power hitter, a team leader, and one of the top catchers in M.S.B.L. history. Lowes had a .319 batting average in his 17 year M.S.B.L. career.