• BirthplaceWinnipeg
  • BornDecember 14, 1950
  • Inducted 2017

Bob Boyce (1950-2013) umpired Junior and Senior baseball for over 30 years in the Winnipeg area. He traveled to and from most of his games by city transit which was viewed as a tremendous sign of dedication. He also mentored and evaluated many young umpires who developed into top level umpires. For many years Bob assigned the umpires to Junior and Senior games, often on short notice, making sure the games had competent umps. He refused however to provide replacements umpires when Northern League umps went on strike in 1995. Bob was highly respected among other prominent Manitoba umpires and the Winnipeg baseball community in general for his competency and long-time dedication and service to the game.

“To present the induction of an umpire it will be my pleasure, Bob Boyce. This evening I will be presenting to Grant Rodgers, thank you for asking me to present Jacko (Grant)  I appreciate it.  If you had time to read some of Bob’s bio you probably saw that it said he took a bus, so you can imagine when there is a double header you got your base stuff and you got your plate equipment, that’s a big bag. Over the shoulder, on the bus, pay your fare, and who knows when the last time that equipment got washed…that was Bob. You will notice in there that is says something about him breaking his thumb, you will never guess who the umpire who replaced him for that after a double header, you’re looking at him. After that game I asked a guy Billy  how did Bob do and he said I think he has got a broken collar bone, I said did he get to the hospital? And he said that Bobby told him I dont know, I asked him would you like an ambulance or would you like someone to drive you, what would you like me to do, Bobby said nah its okay Billy ill take the bus. Now he did take the bus but he didnt go tot the hospital, he took the portage bus and went to the pharmacy for some medicine. I can stand up here and talk to you about what Bob did for me and all the rest of the guys but I will let Jacko take over, so to count off everyone strike 1 strike 2 strike 3 please welcome to the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame,

Mr. Bob Boyce”