Ron Hewett

Ron was an excellent player and coach. he was a very good catcher, outfielder, and manager with a strong arm, good speed, and was a solid hitter averaging .350 every year. Ron was the playing manager of the Fort Whyte tournament team form 1954-61, Charleswood Juveniles (1951), Norwood Juniors (1952), Fort Whyte tournament team 1954-61, Charleswood Juveniles (1951), Norwood Juniors (1952), Fort Whyte (1953), Elmwood junior (1954)MVP and batting champion (.400), Transcona (1955) senior league all star, Elmwood (1956), C.U.A.C. (1957), St. Boniface Native Sons (1958)league champions, Precious Blood (1959), Port Arthur Red Sox (1962-65) Lakehead Senior League MVP (1964), League Champions (1965), South End Sioux (1967-68). Ron was an outstanding leader with the Oak Bluff Rec. Centre building arena and four baseball diamonds plus coaching hockey and baseball teams when not operating the family Centennial Farm.

Norm Hemstad

Norm was a player and a builder of baseball. He played senior ball with Birch Hills and Crystal Springs as a 16-18 year old. Norm joined the Saskatoon Joes juniors from 1961-63, played for the Virden Oilers from 1964-71 in the M.S.B.L. Norm was a player coach in 1972, won the MB Senior B crown with the Neepawa Cubs (1973), and was instrumental in getting Neepawa to join M.S.B.L. in 1974 where they were defeated by Riverside in the seventh game of the final series. Norm played with Neepawa in 1975 while living in Brandon, helped the Cloverleafs win M.S.B.L. title in 1976, was a n M.S.B.L. all star at 3 different positions (catcher, shortstop, & outfielder). Norm led Virden several years in home runs, triples, doubles & batting average, and led M.S.B.L. in 1974 with only one strike out. Norm coached extensively in Brandon Minor 1978-88, was the organizer and founding president of Brandon intermediate league 16 years ago. Norm was also the chairman of Brandon Simplot Millennium Park in 2000-01, a $1.25 million facility with 8 diamonds for minor ball (two with lights). Norm excelled in wrestling, football, golf, and curling where he was deeply involved administratively.

Gerry Falk

Gerry Falk was a player and builder, an outstanding southpaw pitcher and coach. He won 4 M.J.B.L. titles with the Carman Goldyes (1971-74), was named the M.J.B.L. all star 4 times, and won 4 M.J.B.L. titles with the Carman Goldeyes (1971-74). Gerry was named the top pitcher at Nationals (1973), and pitched the opening game for Mayville State College (1972-76). Gerry’s overall pitching record 27-8 with 3 district championships, pitched for Team Canada in 1977-78, 80 against Korea, Japan and Nicararagua. His senior baseball record- Dauphin Redbirds (1975), Binscarth Orioles 1976-79, Teulon Cards 1980-81, Carman Goldeyes 1982-92, Portage Athletics 1993, Brandon Cloverleafs 1995, Birtle Blue Jays 1998, played in National and Western Canada senior championships for 15 consecutive years , from 1973-88. Gerry was the Manitoba Youth Coach from 1989-90, 96-97, the Carman Goldeyes seniors playing head coach 1985-93 (5 MB champions), head coach for the Carman Goldeyes Juniors 1997-99 with 3 consecutive championships. Gerry was one of the two founders of the Manitoba high school baseball league 1994-2000, Major League scouting Bureau (MB region) 1991-2004. He was also a very successful high school coach at Gretna MCI and Carman in soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, badminton, and track & field until he moved to Cochrane in 2004 to teach and coach in Calgary Alberta but has since returned to teach at Winkler’s Garden Valley Collegiate.

Gene Cory

As a player Gene Cory was a very good shortstop and a strong hitter. he started in Wawnesa and joined the Riverside Canucks in 1955-73. Gene was the batting champion in 1971 (.368), M.S.B.L. champions in 1973, first all star team in 1971, second all star team in 61, 64, and 65. Gene was a member of the first Team Canada in the 1967 Pan American Games at Winnipeg, Carman and Portage. Cory went on to coach minor baseball in Wawanesa for several years.

Willie Berezinski

Willie Berezinski was a player who started senior baseball at 16 years old with Binscarth, excelled with the Buffaloes, Orioles, Holar All Stars (Sk.) and the Dauphin Redbirds. Willie was a great power hitter and a good pitcher in his younger days. He won first Manitoba senior Baseball league batting crown in 1961 with a .549 average. Willie consistently hit over .333 with the Redbirds in M.S.B.L. and was known as a quiet, humble good sportsman who now lives at Port Alberni, B.C. He singled to spoil southpaw Bill Cundiff’s (St. Lazare) bid for a no hitter. Willie Berezinski was inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003 with the Holar All Stars.

Russel Atkin

Carberry,player,power hitting,slick fielding, first baseman with great Carberry teams of the 1920’s & 30’s. Russel was sometimes recruited to play with Neeoawa High Bluff & Brandon, played against Hap Felsch. H.L. “Krug” Crawford of the Brandon Sun stated that “Red” Atkin was one of the most colorful and popular athletic figures in Western Manitoba and was a power in baseball and hockey. Russel’s potent bat broke up many a tight ball game and he was a competent umpire and referee. Bill Addison said “Red could have been a professional in baseball and hockey but the barber opted to stay in Carberry and care for his widowed mother.