The All American Girls Professional Baseball League was a league that operated in cities located on or near Lake Michigan. It began in 1943. The main promoter was Philip Wrigley, owner of the Chicago Cubs, who was worried about the viability of (men’s) pro baseball during World War Two, and decided to establlish an alternate attraction. The league lasted until 1954. Over the years the rules, equipment, and style of play in the league changed from softball to baseball (for example, the size of the ball at the beginning was 12″ in circumference, but at the end it was 9 ¼”). Eleven girls from Manitoba played in the league. All of them were inducted into the Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, in 1988. They were inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame at St. Mary’s, Ontario on June 4, 1998


Doris Barr (Winnipeg), Eleanor Callow (Winnipeg)**, Audrey Haine Daniels (Bay Village, Ohio), Ruth Middleton Gentry (Hamilton, Indiana), Dorothy Hunter (Grand Rapids, Michigan), Dorothy Ferguson Key (Rockford, Illinois)**, Olive Bend Little (Poplar Point)**, Evelyn Wawryshn Moroz (Tyndall), Mary Kustra Shastral (Winnipeg), Yolanda Teillet Schick (Winnipeg), Doris Shero Witiuk (Spolane, Wachington).