• HometownEden, MB
  • Inducted2001

In the early 1940’s, Eden schoolteacher W.J. McLaughlin taught the fundamentals of baseball to a group of farm boys and a team developed that became a local dynasty. The Eden team became well known on the sports day circuit in the 40s, and the formation of the Neepawa and District League in 1950 gave them an opportunity to show off their skills for the next twenty years. They won five league championships, in 1950, 1953, 1958, 1961, 1966. The 1950 team featured renowned players such as Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Mel McGorman, Mel’s brothers Gordon and Claire, Roy Kilburn, Merv Chorneyko, Russ Ivey, Gordon Lang, Harry Smithson, George Wilkinson, Harold McFadyen, Doug Birch, John Jackson, and Bill Jackson.

In tournament play, Eden was especially tough at home. They won their own tournament six times during the 1950’s. They also performed very well at Neepawa tournaments, appearing in seven finals, from 1948-1965, and winning two of them.


Inset: LF Neil Jackson, RF Barney Thurston, P Ron McGorman, SS Richard Hanke, P Claire McGorman

Back Row: C Harry Smithson, Mgr. George Wilkinson, 1st B Harold McFadyen, P Doug Birch, 2nd B John Jackson, CF Merv Chorneyko, 3rd B Bill Jackson

Front Row: P Duane Yerex, LF Russ Ivey, P Mel McGorman, RF Gordon Lang, C Gordon McGorman, SS Roy Kilburn

Missing: Russ Ivey, Ross Graham, Ron Sawchuk, Ron Roe, Brian Tricket, Cliff Doble, Nelson Rainkie, Ted Smithson, Wayne Berg, Jim Schmall, Clair McGorman, Ken Kennedy