You may access the PDF forms on this page to submit a membership or nomination application.

Membership Criteria

  1. As a Player, the athlete must have been born in Manitoba or resided in Manitoba during the period of outstanding performance over a lengthy period of time.
  2. As a Builder, the individual must have been born in Manitoba or have resided in Manitoba during the period of outstanding contribution and must have demonstrated outstanding service to baseball over a lengthy period of time.
  3. Individuals may be selected as either a player or a builder, but the individual’s entire career in Baseball shall be taken into account by the Selection Committee.  Normally outstanding players shall have been retired from the game for at least three years before nomination while builders may be selected even if still active.
  4. Individuals may be selected for the Hall of Fame and still be inducted as a member of a team.
  5. Teams will be selected that have represented with distinction either a particular community or the whole province and recognition of such team must exceed more than one year but not more than six consecutive years.
  6. Nominations for “Special” category can include teams of a single year’s accomplishments and groups of players or builders who have made a significant contribution (i.e. family).  Teams made up of Minor player (under the age of 18 years) may be nominated, however, teams that have won Western Canada or Canadian Championships will have preference and there will be a 10-year waiting period prior to induction.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominations must be completed by the nominator with individual accomplishments clearly documented.  The Selection Committee will not compose nominations from information submitted.
  2. Individual nominations should include teams played for, the level of play (i.e. leagues), years of involvement, All Star/Provincial Teams, league leading stats, individual highlights, leadership qualities, and any personal awards.
  3. Information supporting an individual nomination should include personal accomplishments. Team accomplishments may be included but this information will only be significant if the nominee’s contributions to the team accomplishments are identified. Individual accomplishments will take priority over team accomplishments.
  4. Team and Special nominations must clearly demonstrate significant accomplishments.
  5. Newspaper clippings should be included as supporting documents where possible but limited to a total of three pages.  If more than three pages are submitted, only the first three will be circulated.  All photocopies must be legible and on no larger than 8.5 × 11″ paper.  Note: all nominations will be photocopied for distribution to the entire Hall of Fame Board.

Deadline for Nominations

Please mail  nominations to:

Murray Zuk
Box 158
Souris, MB
R0K 2C0

Deadline for nominations: August 15

Please save the PDF forms to your local computer before filling them in.